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Come Sure Group (Holdings) Limited

Listed in 2009, Come Sure has approximately 30 years’ history in manufacturing and sale of corrugated paperboards and paper-based packaging products. Its product ranges include printed corrugated cartons, corrugated paperboard, offset printing packaging products and brochures. Come Sure was one of the PRC Top 50 Enterprises in Paper Packaging Industry consecutively in 2010- 2016, Top 100 Printing Enterprises in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) for 15 years consecutively in 2003-2017, and awarded Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprises for 5 years consecutively in 2010-2014 by Economic Digest.

The Group has established long-term cooperative relationships with over 250 local and overseas clients of different industries, such as electronic appliances, catering, furniture, pharmaceuticals, audio-visual products, paper packaging and other consumer goods. Our production base is located in Shenzhen, Huidong and Quanzhou, with annual production capacity totaling approximately 450 million square meters of corrugated paperboard and approximately 410 million paper packaging materials. The long-term suppliers of the Group include Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited and Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited.

  • Our main facilities for corrugated paperboard production include:
    • 2.5-metre US automatic corrugated paperboard production lines for combination of corrugated type A, B, C, E;
    • 2.5-metre made-in-China automatic corrugated paperboard production lines for combination of corrugated type A, B, C, E;
    • 1.8-metre made-in-Taiwan automatic production lines for combination of corrugated type A, B, C, E;
    • Corrugated production lines for combination of corrugated type A, B, C, E;
  • Our main facilities for flexo-printed corrugated carton production include:
    • 6-colour/ 4-colour/ bicolour flexo printing machine;
    • TOPACK TP200 6-colour slotting, die-cutting & flexo printing machine, with LPI up to 110~130, awarded “DuPont the Best Flexo Printing” in 2007, which produce similar quality to offset printing with 30% lower in cost (max 2200MM x 1260MM)
  • Our main facilities for offset-printed corrugated carton production include:
    • Seven high-speed full, folio printing machines of b-colour/5-colour/bicolour from Heidelberg and KBA (max 1640MM x 1205MM)
  • Our main facilities for molded pulp production include:
    • Hot press truing machine for paper-pulp molding products; fixing machine, direct-fired pulp molding drying line, natural threshing ground
  • Other post-processing equipment includes automatic oil grinder, automatic laminating machine, automatic cutting machine, manual die-cutting machine, automatic nailing machine, mixed-folding machines, multi head stitcher, stitching and binding machine etc.

Without the efficient professional management team, the goal of “Being one of the top enterprises in PRC and an international famous brand” can be hardly achieved, no matter how advanced the machines and facilities are. Therefore, Mr. Chong Kam Chau, the founder of Come Sure, broke the tradition of family business management and employs management personnel with high quality continuously. External professional management consultancy firms are also hired to redesign the Group’s management systems, such as human resources system, performance management system and payroll system, in order to establish a scientific management and control for the Group.

In production aspect, Come Sure is one of the pioneers group applying the tailor-made ERP enterprise resource planning system in the industry, enabling the Group to monitor the data throughout each stage of process, from procurement, customers’ orders to logistics, and further extended to financial management, enhancing the information flow, transparency of the management, as well as the data management of the results.

Personnel is one of the key to the Group’s success, hence personnel training is deemed as the vital part in the course of development of Come Sure. There is a dedicated "Hope Project Training Room", which provides a wide range of staff training according to the Group’s plan, such as professional attitude, production technology, quality management, customer service, fire safety. At the same time, special training and professional personnel exchange is arranged to the potential staff or management in the cooperation with the Universities, for example, Shanxi University of Finance.

Having experienced the ups and downs for more than 30 years, Come Sure has now grown into a modernized group from a small workshop-style corrugated paperboard processing factory. The Group has become the packaging supplier of varies famous brands and will continue to build strategic partnership with the quality brands.