About Us


  • 2016

    • Quanzhou Factory officially commenced operation with annual capacity of 100 million square meters of corrugated paperboard.
  • 2015

    • Completion of construction of Quanzhou Factory.
  • 2012

    • Completed the placing of 33.5 million shares at HK$1.72 per share. To support the development of the Group's business with stronger shareholder base.
    • The Huidong factory was brought into operation with annual production capacity of 100 million square metres of corrugated paperboard and 100 million pieces of printed corrugated cartons. As such, the Group’s production capacity therefore enhanced and benefiting to the Group’s sales and marketing effectiveness.
    • Completed the acquisition of Sky Achiever Holdings Limited (“SAH”), which engaged in manufacturing of molded pulp business.
    • The acquisition of SAH introduced molded pulp technology to the Group that led to achievement of zero waste production by using scrap from the production of corrugated paperboard and carton to produce molded pulp. In addition to our sophisticated experience in the industry, our advanced production technology and professional talent team enable the Group to expand the corrugated carton and pulp molding business vigorously.
  • 2010

    • Signed joint venture agreement with Mr. Zhang Cheng Fei, the Executive Director of Nine Dragons (SEHK:2689), and set up a joint venture company. Also, the Group signed a master material purchase agreement with Nine Dragons, which is one of the major suppliers of the Group. The Master Material Purchasing Agreement secure stable supply of raw paper materials, which is considered as critical to the Group’s production and business expansion.
    • Completed the placing of 42 million shares at HK$1.20 per share.
  • 2000 & 2003

    • Another investment in Hongtian Village, Shajing Town in Shenzhen, for the 2nd and 3rd factory in Shenzhen, which named Come Sure Packaging (Shenzhen) Company Limited, and Hua Yi Subcontract Processing Factory were built. (Hua Yi Subcontract Processing Factory was the subcontracting partner of Wah Ming International Company Limited. The Subcontract Processing Agreement was expired in later years and then became Wah Ming Color Printing (Shenzhen) Company Limited and Wah Ming Paper Industrial (Shenzhen) Company Limited.)
    • While the corrugated paperboard and printed corrugated carton production scale were further expanded, the Group introduced advanced equipment and expanded to offset color printing business, in order to provide the customers an integrated packaging products supporting services.
  • 1992

    • The Group’s 1st factory in Shenzhen was built and located at Ma'anshan Village, Shajing Town, Shenzhen. The operations of the corrugated paperboard and printed corrugated carton production line were officially initiated in the same year. (This production base was then moved and merged with those at Hongtian Village in later years.)