About Us

Vision and Mission

Looking ahead, the Group will continuously committed to the business philosophy of "Customer first, Market oriented", progressive management, product integration and resources servicing, in order to provide the integrated packaging solutions to the customers, with more value-added products and services.

Integrated Packaging Solutions

To change the old idea of paper packaging, the Group puts iteself into customers’ shoes, and develop the concept of whole packaging, which includes all materials related to the customers’ final packaging process (including corrugated paperboard, printed corrugated carton, paper pulp molding, tympan sheet, corrugated board corner protector, stickers, plastic bags, styrofoam, handle, sealing glue, strapping, etc.). We will progressively integrate the product and service resources, in order to provide the clients a one-stop centralized purchasing services, reducing their purchasing cost in general, and to establish stable strategic partnerships with them in long-term.

We will continue with the pragmatic and enterprising spirit, and actively participate in the development of the country. At the same time, providing assistance to needy students and acting in perfect goodness. We will committed to the principle of combining economic and social benefits continuously and to develop Come Sure into a modernized group with sustainability and diversified business with packaging as major.