Our Business

Quality and Environmental Control

In environmental management and emissions aspect, the Group aims to consolidate its position as a "One-stop Green Packaging Partner". The Group has invested in different equipment to ensure our products meet the international environmental standards, such as the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances ("RoHS") and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE"). In addition, our products also affirmed by the following environmental management standard that shows our social responsibility on both product quality and environmental protection.

Forest Stewardship Council ("FSC") Certification

According to the requirements of the updated CoC (Chain of Custody) certification standard FSC-STD-40-004(V3-0), Come Sure Packing Products (Shenzhen) Company Limited ("Come Sure Packing (Shenzhen)")sets forth its commitments, organizational structure, as well as the responsibilities, accessibilities and the correlation of the departments and staffs which are directly associated to the CoC of FSC. Furthermore, it also described the requirement, process and control principles of Come Sure Packing (Shenzhen) on the CoC system. Come Sure Packing (Shenzhen) had established its guidance document regarding CoC control and applying them to the stage of procurements, productions, sales and services of all FSC certified product. Such document provided guidance on establishment and implementation of FSC CoC system. All employees must carried out the policy thoroughly. Come Sure Packing (Shenzhen) eventually obtained the FSC Forest Management Certification and committed to enhance the use of FSC certified materials and products. Also, Come Sure Packing (Shenzhen) committed to fulfill FSC requirements, and dedicated to the planning, management and training of the occupational health and safety.

Wastewater Zero Discharge Certification

“Comply with regulations, prevent pollution, save energy, reduce consumption and continue to improve” has been our consistent environmental management strategy

In 2018, the Group expanded and reconstructed the sewage equipment of Come Sure Packing (Shenzhen) and enhanced the wastewater treatment process. When the water quality meets the mandatory standards after the sewage treatment, the water is recycled and used in the production plant. The Group also invited experts in Guangdong’s environmental protection for assessment of the manufactory plant to obtain a qualified acceptance report and a zero-emission permission approved by the Baoan District Environmental Protection Water Department.